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+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Prelude+Once in a Blue Moon
Planet Vegeta
Age 736, Past
A long tunnel.
There was an archway ahead, leading into the huge hall, filled with the hushed whispers of a hundred people who have died within its very walls. Steady strides carried her past the finely-crafted marble pillars, drapes of the purest silks hung between each one, made for royalty only. Her footsteps were accompanied by the heavy tramps of two Saiyan Guardsmen, walking by each elbow, propelling her onwards to her impending fate, inescapably, towards the archway.
And then the little female Saiyan walked out into the Great Hall of her Prince's keep.
A Great Hall that had been created many years before she was born, it was a long and daunting room, a thick red carpet ran through it, trimmed with gold, towards a set of marble stairs where the throne of King Vegeta stood, high and imposing. Above t
+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Chapter 1+Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 1: The Missing Fragment
Planet Sen,
Age 737, Present
The face of Raditz's blood-spattered face tattooed in her mind like an excruciating keepsake of her existence, an image she could never forget.
Mitsu opened her eyes from the dream of tortured, whispered voices, blinked, and then remembered where she was. She was safe, with no fear. Just the infuriatingly indistinct sensation that scratched at some door of her consciousness, a constant prompt that reminded her of that dreadful moment.
The bed was too soft, making her feel like she was eternally on the verge of sinking into it, like water. The uncomfortable contrast to the hard, stone floor she had slept on all her life. She looked around, familiarising herself that she was no longer on Planet Vegeta, no longer in the grasps of the tyrant Prince of Saiyans.
The bed was in t

+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Chapter 2+Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 2: Lament of a Saiyaness

Mitsu and Olfa walked downstream along the arched bridges, watching the leaves of the cherry trees flutter down onto the water. Outside, the sun was everlasting bright and balmy, pleasurably warming their skin and silken gowns. And despite this beautiful weather, Mitsu was unable to smile. Olfa observed her for a time, trying to read the shy Saiyaness's features, and was unable to find any other reason for her depression. It was clear to her that this male Saiyan was someone Mitsu cared so very much about. It often made Olfa ponder if they were in some sort of relationship, like a mourning wife disheartened by her husband's departure for the army.
Olfa frowned, trying to find a different subject to talk about, to distract Mitsu from her heartache, even if it was for a little time.
"Mitsu, we should spar again at some point," Sh
+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Chapter 3+Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 3: The Mark of a Student
Mitsu didn't talk much, but she thought a lot. It unnerved her fellow Sen Members, who had long learned that it was Mitsu's way of coping with her tragic past, not that she was planning to kill them with her Saiyan power. Many times they would find her, drifting with that odd look on her face, her pupils focused on the middle distance as if seeing something that only she could see. At first, the Sen Members would shake her out of it in fear of her doing something drastic, as if she was suddenly possessed by a force of a cruel Saiyan and would attack instantly; but soon they learned that she would snap out of it if left alone and they shared a measure of sympathy with her situation. She was a victim of an empowered being. She had never committed an offence against Prince Vegeta, or even Lord Frieza. She was just born under a bad

+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Chapter 4 [Part 1]+Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 4: The Last Heartbeat of a Planet
[Part 1]
Night-time on Planet Sen was Mitsu's favourite time.
It was always a perfect ending to a day's hard work. Once Mitsu had begun to take an interest in the events around her when she first landed, she realised how much had been going on during the weeks she had spent submerged in depression. Now, she took the time attending to tasks and helping others during the day, for it was her only cure for her misery. It had helped distract her away from the heartache she suffered. Gurēdo was glad that she had been getting more involved around her each day. And after all of the work, she was rewarded with the stunning night, and while she bathed in the pleasant calm hours of darkness, her emotions took advantage of her seclusion, and she had nothing left but her thoughts.
It was late now
+[DBZ] Once in a Blue Moon: Chapter 4 [Part 2]+Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 4: The Last Heartbeat of a Planet
[Part 2]

The Main hall was silent as Mitsu sat down, her black hair aglow in the flickering light. The unexplained wake-up call had given everyone something to digest, both the Sen-Members that were sat in a circle around the hall, and the Elders who stood around a large marble bowl of deep  water that settled in the middle of the hall, emitting a soft-blue spotlight in the heart of the room. Some Sen-Members stood beyond the glow, where the light did not reach to notion their non-involvement. Everyone was allowed to listen to the Elders; but those that were not involved to the subject of the meeting were only allowed to speak at the Elders' orders. Until then, they had to stand outside the island of light in the dim blackness.
Tarian sat in the centre of the Main Hall, sitting straig




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